So Many Ideas, So Little Time

Do you ever have days when you have so many ideas, but can’t put them all into words? When you scramble for pen and paper hoping that you can write them down before they get away? In the day of technology it seems impossible, with mics on your phone and memo programs everywhere. It does happen.

You reason it out in your head, maybe it’s just that your bashful and can’t see yourself talking into your phone. Maybe it’s because your in a room full of people when an idea strikes. Many good ideas have been lost this way. You came up with an idea of pet rocks back when you were in the fifth grade and didn’t write it down. Then someone else came up with the idea and became a rich person. (A very simplistic example.)

The idea I am presenting is motivation. What could we become if we could just get motivated? What are we missing out on?  In the world of writing it is missed deadlines, books not written, stories that could have helped someone. In sales, it’s the one that got away, frustration, lost income. In the world of manufacturing, it’s inventions not completed, products not produced, lost wages.

The one recurrent theme there is loss, loss to yourself, loss to the community at large, loss to the world in general. LOSS NOT GAIN. There in lies the problem. We are losing. I hear people talking everyday about what they don’t have. They do not realize what the problem is: MOTIVATION. Here are some ideas on what you can do if this is you.

First, start out small, find one thing in your day that could be different if you were just motivated. Taking five minutes of your time to tell your kids that they are special, and you know they are going to well at school today because of it. Benefit: building confidence that will last a lifetime.

Second, take five minutes of your time at work to tell a colleague at work that you appreciate the extra time he or she spent on writing that report. Benefit: a happy, less stressed workplace.

Third, take a little time out of your day to thank people. the person that brings you coffee, does your dry cleaning, or sacks your groceries. Practice it for the people you come in contact with in a thirty minute time period. Making a mental effort to do this will making you realize how often you may just grunt at people, or avoid eye contact and walk out, or just ignore people when they say this. Benefit: a happier you, a general feeling of well-being for such a small amount of time.

These are just a few ideas that you can start with to get your brain into the mode of creating ideas again also. Just remember to start small so you don’t get overwhelmed and give up. Try to build on it everyday or every week add something new. This is a good way to bring motivation and ideas back into your life. These two seem to work together to help you become a more successful person.

So, are you motivated to start something? Let’s get out there and see what we can accomplish today. Let’s make your world a better place to be. Good luck!